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Unfortunately, we permanently closed our business and this domain is for sale. We are sorry to leave you, our customers.
COVID – 19 Response:
We are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our customer, our suppliers, and our staff:
» Our goods are properly handled among the entire process.
» Extra time and efforts are devoted to disinfect products and work surfaces.
» All our products have 4 steps disinfection / sterilization.
» All staff is wearing masks at all times while handling products.

Our Promises to You

» NO artificial flavours or preservatives.

Our unique products are made without preservatives and artificial ingredients.

» Fresh local produce.

Delivered from local farms close to Toronto. This helps to reduce the carbon emissions in transportation of goods to the facility. The better we all care for our environment, the better-quality food we can enjoy and nourish our bodies with.

» Healthy Choices.

You will save time and make healthy choices with our products. We want you to know where your food came from, what you are eating, and are confident in what you serve to your friends and family.
Drawn by 'Ali Draws Things' for our pear onion jam label

Our Journey

Having worked in the restaurant industry for 15 years in the GTA, it was time for a change. One of the things that was most interesting to us was the preserving of jams, pickles & spreads. The way that professionals take the ingredients at the height of freshness and transform the flavours into something similar but unique was amazing to us. Slight changes to the texture, hints of spices, all to add to the items original flavour.
Regular mass-produced jams usually only have one ingredient (example: strawberry or blueberry jam), are lacking in flavour, or are full of preservatives and artificial flavours. We wanted to create a healthy unique taste so that you could have with a nice cheese board or a fancy salad. Something that you would find in a higher end restaurant, available for your home use any day of the week made by your “personal” chef.
Our chef making apple butter!
We believe in good food should be enjoyed at home with your family and friends. You deserve the best food anytime of the day. We should not eat just to live but rather live to eat good food with people we care about!
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First time I tried PriZurv preserves I was hooked! I could tell that fresh ingredients were used and my go to choice for parties and self indulgence. Knowing that these tasty treats will last (I eat them too quickly) in the event of an Armageddon make them even more scrumptious. 100% would recommend for the end of days, or even just a Sunday.
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Love it all. Our favourite is the pear onion jam, goes amazingly well with prosciutto, pretzels, and cheddar. I can eat the apple butter straight out of the jar!
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The Boyd Family
Its like catnip for kids! My kids love this stuff. Give em some crackers and they'll go through a jar in minutes. It is also easily the best apple butter that I have ever had. Creamy, smooth and delicious.
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I would highly recommend the spread as a mom of two kids! I appreciate that it has only four ingredients, also tree-nut and peanut-free. It really goes well with crackers and toast. The texture is smooth and delicious.
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Our Products

Apple Butter

Almost like eating the filling of an apple pie. Different take on toast in the morning. Try it with some French toast or pancakes instead of maple syrup. Goes well with grilled pork loin.

Pear Onion Jam

Rich and sweet, with hints of thyme and ginger. Best with strong cheeses like chevre or blue cheese. Pairs well with lamb chops or a turkey sandwich.

Rhubarb Lemon Jam

Sweet, tangy & fresh tasting. Great for an accompaniment with a burrata and arugula salad. Perfect to pair with duck breast for a memorable dinner.